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At Admitly, we live by our values and what we stand for, and that feeds into every decision we make. Our relationships with our students and partners are what define us, and what keep us facing forward as we grow.

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Be Innovative

We continuously explore new technologies and methodologies to enhance the university application process. Our commitment to innovation means we're always ahead of the curve, providing our users with the most advanced tools, such as our AI-powered platform, to simplify and optimize their application experiences.

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Be Truthful

We uphold the highest standards of integrity in every aspect of our operations. Honesty and transparency govern our interactions with students, partners, and team members. Trust is fundamental to creating lasting relationships and a supportive community, ensuring students can rely on us for ethical advice and services.

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Be Open-Minded

Diversity is vital to our identity and mission at Admitly Global. We celebrate the unique backgrounds and perspectives of each student and team member. Embracing diversity enriches our community and drives us to create solutions that are inclusive and effective for students from virtually every corner of the globe.

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Be Committed

Our ultimate goal is to empower students to unlock their potential and achieve their educational aspirations. By providing personalized guidance, comprehensive resources, and access to expert advice, we equip students with everything they need to navigate the complexities of university applications confidently.

Our Story

Founded by Lisa Medviedieva and Oleg Smirnov, both foreign-born immigrants who studied in the U.S., Admitly was inspired by their personal struggles with the complex university application process. They created Admitly to to make higher education more accessible and less daunting for international students, ensuring that others would not have to face the same difficulties they did.

Admitly aims to democratize access to education by providing expert guidance, efficient technology solutions, and a supportive community, ultimately enhancing the prospects of students worldwide. The platform uses AI to guide students through applications, aiming to make higher education more accessible and manageable for international students worldwide.


We're here at Admitly to empower the true heroes: students and educators who work tirelessly to make a positive impact in the world of education.

Lisa Medviedieva
Lisa Medviedieva
Chief Executive Officer
Oleg Smirnov
Oleg Smirnov, Jr
Chief Operating Officer

Our Mentors & Advisors

Meet Admitly's expert mentors and advisors, dedicated to guiding students towards academic success.

startup advisor

Higher Education Consultant with expertise in strategic partnerships. Drexel alumnus. Ex-CampusReel.

business advisor

Education Leader, focuses on equity and student outcomes. Harvard alumna. Ex-Microsoft PM.

head mentor

PhD candidate at Florida State, teaches at UCLA Extension, and consults edtech startups.

Research Assistant at the Max Planck Institute and an incoming PhD student at UPenn. Stanford alumnus.

Summer Analyst at Webull and CRE Investment Intern at Project Destined. Enrolled in Minerva University.

Experience in medical research at Dana-Farber and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centers.

Stanford CS student. Founded initiatives like Young Reformers Commune and TechSoCh.

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How we assist
our students

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

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Find Financing Options

Admitly's scholarship assistance feature provides tailored support to help students identify and apply for scholarships that best match their academic achievements and personal interests. This tool simplifies the search process by filtering out irrelevant options and focuses on opportunities where students have the highest chance of success.

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Elevate your Writing

The document enhancement service at Admitly utilizes a sophisticated blend of AI technology and expert input to meticulously refine the structure, language, and content of your essays and CVs. This service is designed to enhance the overall clarity and persuasiveness of your application documents, ensuring they capture the attention of committee.

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Connect with Professionals

We provide a personalized pathway where a mentor collaborates directly with the student. This includes evaluating the student's aspirations and academic records to find the best-fit schools. The mentor helps build a compelling profile catered to the chosen institutions, advising on extracurricular activities and other profile-strengthening opportunities

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Enhance your Application

Admitly's AI-powered platform excels in meticulously assessing each student’s profile to accurately pinpoint weaknesses, estimate potential improvements, and provide actionable feedback. This advanced system leverages data-driven insights to effectively guide students in enhancing their applications to maximize your educational opportunities.

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Prepare for Exams

We provide specialized services to help students prepare thoroughly for exams, tests, and interviews. This includes access to comprehensive study materials, practice tests, and interactive modules tailored to the specific requirements of the exams students are preparing for. Expert-led sessions ensure a personalized approach to mastering their challenges.

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Prepare for Immigration

Once a student has been admitted, Admitly provides comprehensive support that includes visa processing, finding suitable housing, and helping with employment opportunities. These services aim to alleviate the logistical and emotional challenges of moving to a new country for education, allowing students to focus on their academic and personal growth.

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