US University Application Process - A Beginner’s Guide I Admitly

May 27, 2024
May 27, 2024
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Every student has to face the inevitable anxiety of planning for higher education. However, having a clear idea of what's ahead makes this fear manageable. Among undergraduates and graduates, 11.51 million are pursuing full-time education, and four million students in total graduate yearly.Our team has chosen to provide details of applying to universities in the US.So, let's begin with your application journey.

Application Process

The good news is that most apps have a standard structure, so you can easily reuse or modify the information you create from one standard application online to another. The common application journey will include the following:

  • Application form
  • Transcripts
  • Tests scores
  • Admission essay of Statement of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Extracurricular certificates
  • Interview

Step 1: Selecting An Institute

If you want to study in the United States, the best time to start the pre-application process is fourteen to eighteen months before you want to start. Before narrowing your options to eight or ten institutions, it's a good idea to choose twenty to thirty universities to send letters or emails to. When choosing universities and your application journey, it's important to think about many different things.

To narrow down your university choices, use a comparison chart detailing how various departments differ in academic concentration, faculty research interests and quality, program emphasis, accreditation, student prerequisites, cost, financial aid opportunities, location, etc. Each student should make a priority list when narrowing down graduate school options since not all criteria are equally weighted.

Step 2: Admission TestRegistration

The next step in your application journey is to register for the admission test. The recommended time to complete the necessary standardized examinations is in the months leading up to the fall semester, preferably in October or November. If you are applying for the spring semester, the exams should be taken before June of the preceding year.

Step 3: Filling Out ApplicationForm

Colleges and universities offer two application options: online or via mail. Before accessing the standard application online, read the webpage thoroughly. American universities almost always charge an application fee ranging from fifty to two hundred fifty dollars. Typically, elite and selective schools have earlier application deadlines.

Some change from January through March and even beyond. At certain institutions, there is no set deadline for admission; the process is ongoing. Because admissions are handled on a first-come, first-served basis, all application components are expected to arrive at the institution well before the deadline.

Step 4: Entrance Exam

Universities in the United States also require applicants to take an admission test. All of a certain university’s prospective students must take. You, too, will likely be needed to take it as an international student. There are a lot of tests available; before you sign up for any, you should find out which ones are needed by the schools you're interested in attending.

Step 5: Wait For Results

Now, all you have to do is wait for the institutions you applied to to respond positively, supposing you have adhered to all deadlines and delivered your standard application online materials on time. Letters informing you of your application status will begin to arrive from universities one by one. Some may notify the applicants immediately, while others may wait until the last minute.

Financial Aid

Graduate students' academic performance and merit determine the amount of financial help they get. The money will go toward helping the student, along with what they get from their family and other resources. Thus, to increase the likelihood of receiving financial aid, students should show that they have excelled academically, scored well on standardized tests, and have as strong background.


Lastly, remember that your standard application online will be evaluated alongside several great submissions from throughout the globe. Every year, admissions choices are influenced by each university's institutional values and demands. Applying to a university in the United States requires careful consideration of several personal indicators and qualities in light of the objectives and aims of each institution and its constituent departments. Apply yourself fully to universities that are a good fit for you; then, you will have found the proper match!

Admitly is available at every stage of the application journey to help you get accepted into your dream university. Contact us for more information.