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Requesting Official Transcripts I Admitly

A key step in the application process is submitting your official transcripts to the universities you're applying to.

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Common Admission Exams & Prep Resources I Admitly

Most universities in the US will require that students applying for admission take one or more standardized admission tests.

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How to Prepare for an Admissions Interview I Admitly

Prepare for your admission student interview with these top interview questions for higher education from Admitly professionals.

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US University Application Process - A Beginner’s Guide I Admitly

Your academic performance can help you get into a reputable university. But first learn the standard application process in your application journey.

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Top Reasons for University Application Rejection | Admitly

Learn the common reasons why university applications get rejected, from low GPA to incomplete applications. Improve your chances with Admitly's expert tips.

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F1 Visa Guide for International Students | Admitly

Discover the essential F1 visa guide for international students. Learn eligibility, application process, and status maintenance with Admitly's expert advice.

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American Education System Guide for International Students I Admitly

Explore the American education system with Admitly's comprehensive guide. Discover key stages, grading, and tips for international students.

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Financial Aid & Scholarships for International Students | Admitly

Discover financial aid and scholarship opportunities for international students in the U.S. with Admitly's comprehensive guide and expert tips.